Pornstars in Live Unscripted Sex

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Eric John is a familiar face and cock in the porn industry even if you don’t immediately recognize his name. He has been around a long time and he has a lot of connections. Because of that, it isn’t at all surprising that he manages to get some of the most popular pornstars in the business to shoot for his site. He also gets lots of the newest girls too, making for some really hot teen porn.

Erotique TV Live is where he films these top performers in weekly live sex videos. The shows are unscripted and the sex is real and unedited. Members who are online for the live shows can chat with Eric and his girls as well as make requests.

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Although the babes are smoking hot and the sex is fantastic, I will say that Eric looks a little bit like a pervy old creeper – especially when fucking the cute little teens. I guess that is the magic of porn though. Even guys like him are able to fuck the sexiest chicks out there.