Authentic is Hawt!

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This is one for the people who love genres and niches like voyeur, casting couch, amateur and homemade porn. It’s that kind of authentic taboo that gets us, the fans of these genres, all worked up.

I am personally a big fan of authentic amateur porn. It just adds something to it when I don’t have it in the back of my mind that she’s probably groaning because she’s acting as is the case with pornstars.

I’m kind of cursed in a way that I just seem to have a keen eye, and I guess a keen ear, for picking up on the fake and let’s face it, pornstars aren’t exactly the best actors.

With amatuer porn, particularly in the case of homemade porn, I know there’s know bullshit.

The problem with homemade porn is that the quality is almost always shit and that’s just too much of a drawback for me. So I was delighted to finally find a site where the quality of the homemade amateur porn is decent.

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