How to use a sex doll for the first time?

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A sex doll is a simulated adult toy that replaces real people for sexual needs and has different forms of bodies such as hourglass figure sex doll, skinny sex doll, Elf sex doll.

When you decide to use life size realistic sex dolls to solve the normal physical needs of the problem, then be sure to select the quality of reliable sellers of sex dolls, such as best deals sex doll.

What are the tips and tricks for those who are using premium TPE sex dolls for the first time?

1, When you received your petite sex doll, keep it in some cooler place, do not put it in the sun, and do not let it near the fire source.

2, Before the first use, be sure to clean your tan skin sex doll, so that some bacteria can be eliminated, we can use disinfectant spray.

3, In the use of the first to use water-soluble lubricant, as for the lubricant with how much? Depends on the feeling, if not slippery enough, comfort is not enough to put some more.

4, The use of sex dolls need not bring condoms? This also depends on the needs of the individual, remember to clean it after use, clean and responsible for themselves is also responsible for the sex doll.

5, After the use of sex dolls need to be cleaned with water inside the vagina of the doll, and sex dolls are disinfected. After disinfecting your small boobs sex doll, use warm water to clean it again, then use a towel to dry the interior and surface of the sex doll, or dry naturally, and finally save it for the next use.